Laser Cutting & Engraving

LASER CUTTING cadoo works

We offer a professional laser cutting and engraving service with a fast turnaround which is available to everyone, not just our members.

LASER CUTTING cadoo works

What we do and how we do!

Laser cutting and engraving is the process of using CO2 laser technology to cut/engrave a design on materials with the use of computer aided design (CAD) software. With the combined precision of CAD and power of our 150w laser, it opens the door to a world of possibilities for manufacturing, businesses, artists and hobbyists. One of the biggest benefits is the speed that complex patterns can be transferred onto a wide variety of materials including thin metal, plastics and wood. To see how we could help you with your next project, get in contact with us regarding our design consultation service.

How much?

Our prices start at £1 per minute of lasercutting time plus £2 for every bed setup required, exluding materials cost. For a more accurate quotation, please send us a copy of your file via email at info@cadooworks.com.

1. Send in your file

LASER CUTTING cadoo works

2. Receive a quote

LASER CUTTING cadoo works

3. Pay diposit

LASER CUTTING cadoo works

4. Collect your work

LASER CUTTING cadoo works


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