ABOUT US cadoo works


Cadoo Works is more than just a coworking space. It is a community of like-minded creatives collaborating within a environment that enables them to excel their business/brand through the use of the available facilities, support and opportunities.

Hello creative thinkers! Welcome, we are Idrees and Halil – the founders of Cadoo Works.

Our story began when studying together in university, frantically travelling back and forth across London to complete our laser cutting and printing in time for deadlines. We felt like another digit in the system. As many can relate, no one is as invested into your work as much as you are. We could have only hoped for a one stop shop which had all the facilities and equipment available to conceive our ideas into reality, whislt our work was valued as much as it was meaningful to us.

After graduating from university, we came together to established our architectural design practice. We started running our business from coffee shops and libraries.  From our personal experience, these noisy and monotonous public environments were very counterproductive and prevented us from enabling our full creative potential.

We feel that the current coworking industry does not appropiately refelect the needs of a true digital nomad. And it is apparent to us the need for a suitable environment, that not only provided a great place to work but also presented the opportunities for the real remote worker to connect and support each other. Our vision is to establish an independent space that encourages a community of like-minded individuals to thrive!

We’re excited to see you soon, please click below for more information.